How long is my membership good for?

Membership is good for the entire La Liga Season (including CL or Copa Finals If FCB makes it that far)

What are the benefits of becoming a Penya Member?

  • Yearly Penya Gifts
  • Discounts on Penya merchandise
  • Priority access to all games viewed at Mulligan’s Hoboken
  • $4 Estrella Damm beers at Mulligan’s Hoboken
  • Exclusive Blaugrana’s giveaways
  • Exclusive raffles for FC Barcelona memorabilia throughout the season
  • All membership fees and donations are tax deductible (Penya is a non-profit organization)

When will I get my ID?

The earlier you join then the sooner you’ll get your ID. They will be mailed via post to the address you provide upon signing up.

How do I obtain Penya Merchandise?

Normally, various Board members will be present during game days. Speak to any one of them at your leisure before or after a match and they will help you purchase merchandise. If not, it can also be purchased by emailing us or sending us a note in our contact us section.

Can a minor Join?”

Yes, however, we advised that you refrain from bringing children younger than 3 years old as it is a bar establishment and it can get noisy. Should you have any further questions about bringing a child to game days, feel free to contact us directly.

Is there a limit to how many people can attend on game days?

No, we are open to the public and welcome all FCB fans. Whether official members or not, we always have our doors open (note: we share the bar with other clubs from other leagues, so capacity can get tight at times)

Is there parking in and around the venue?

Yes, but not paid parking. You can use the public street parking, but please be mindful of the City of Hoboken restrictions for Resident/Non-Residents (see on street parking rules in the city of Hoboken here)