As of August 2019, Garden State Blaugrana has entered into an exclusive partnership w/ the retailer As part of this exclusive deal, will host both our online store and produce our official G.S. Blaugrana branded merchandise. As a valued G.S. Blaugrana member, you can earn exclusive access to both our G.S. Blaugrana team store and our online store where we have select official FC Barcelona/Nike branded gear available to you at a discounted rate. Therefore, don’t hesitate to sign up today to become a Penya member, and receive access to these and many of our other benefits.

** Note that the only product not available through our retail partnership, is our Official G.S. Blaugrana scarves (which must be purchased directly from us either in person during gamedays and or by contacting us directly via email). We’d like to thank DieHardScarves for producing these custom items.

Become a G.S. Blaugrana Penya member today, and get access to this and other exclusive penya gear by clicking on the link below